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Sliced Note Recordings was set up December 2012 by Silent Code. It is distrobuted by we are on every major digital online download resource.

Notiable achievements for our label is having our 2nd release "Bassline Shut Up" chart in the top 5 on the top 100 on Track It Down, and on December 31st 2013, Your Soul reached number 2 on the DNBA top 100. Our Co-Lab with Shookz "How We Do" also reached number 6 on Track It Down for 2013 and SNR11 Veak and Bite me Bruce Lee just released has reached  9 on the TID DNB Charts in 2015.

Thanks goes out to Track It Down for featuring every release, and out to everyone who has found our little label, and who is buying, supporting and playing our music.

Release 14

 AUDIO SNR014 Sliced Note Recordings

 War Machine - System - Released 04/05/2015 

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Release 13

 AUDIO SNR013 Sliced Note Recordings

 Track A - Tempting - Basskadetz - 27/04/2015

 Track B - Bulletproof - Oversight - 27/04/2015




Release 12

 AUDIO SNR012 Sliced Note Recordings - A List Support Here

 Veak & Bite Me - Kick It Off - 23/03/2015


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Release 11

 AUDIO SNR011 Sliced Note Recordings  - A List Support Here

 Veak & Bite Me - Bruce Lee - 23/02/2015

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Release 10

 AUDIO SNR010 Sliced Note Recordings

 Veak - Scream and Veak & Koznik - Cokehead (Veak VIP) 26/01/2015

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Release 9

 AUDIO SNR009 Sliced Note Recordings

 4 Corners EP - Part 3

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Release 8

 AUDIO SNR008 Sliced Note Recordings

 Knowledge / Your Soul - 23rd Dec 2013

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Release 7                              

 AUDIO SNR007 Sliced Note Recordings

 Four Corners Part 2 Feat Shookz / Symptm (Savage Rehab) / Laowai & Gweilo / Tripple A 

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 Release 6                                              

 AUDIO SNR006 Sliced Note Recordings

 Jerome Price "Live It Forever" Remix EP

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 Release 5

 AUDIO SNR005 Sliced Note Recordings Aug 26th 2013

 Silent Code - Box Your Chimp VIP




Release 4

 AUDIO SNR004 Sliced Note Recordings Aug 5th 2013

 JFXMUSIC Saying Whatever - Silent Code DNB Remix




 Release 3

 AUDIO SNR003 Sliced Note Recordings July 22nd 2013

 4 Corners EP, Silent Code, AnnGree & Aphilion SNR003

 Tracks 1) Fear Silence. 2) Alright. 3) Let It Go. 4)The Future




 AUDIO  Cat No SNR002 Sliced Note Recordings

 Titles : Never Change

 Silent Code Free Download Here



Release 2

 AUDIO  Cat No SNR002 Sliced Note Recordings

 Titles : A) Bassline Shut up / B) Escape

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 Release 1

 AUDIO  Cat Number : SNR01. Sliced Note Recordings.       

 Title :  A) Chichen Itza. B) Play Pause Stop Rewind. Released December 3rd 2012.

  Buy on iTunes / Buy at Juno Here / Buy on DNBA Here / Buy at Track It Down / Buy at Chemical Records 





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